You are currently viewing Emobi will manufacture Esteyco’s ATOMS prototype that aims to revolutionize the global offshore wind maintenance system

Emobi will manufacture Esteyco’s ATOMS prototype that aims to revolutionize the global offshore wind maintenance system

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  • Post published:18/09/2023

September 14, 2023

Emobi Industries, through its subsidiary Inbersa, a leader in the design, calculation, manufacturing and assembly of metal structures, responsible, among other projects, for the current remodeling of the Santiago Bernabéu, has reached an agreement with the engineering consultancy Esteyco to manufacture the primary and secondary structure of the full-scale prototype of its ATOMS project, which aims to revolutionize the current turbine maintenance system in offshore wind, one of the greatest challenges of the offshore wind industry today.

This innovative project, which is financed by the European Commission, through the Blue Economy program, consists of the design of a steel platform that allows it to be attached to the turbine to directly carry out maintenance work called “major corrective” without the need for have large ships like the current ones, which would enormously reduce the cost of the operation and would represent a revolution in the operations of a key industry for the ambitious decarbonization and fair energy transition objectives of the European Union.

This large platform of more than 300 tons of steel would be manufactured in the facilities of the current Ganomagoga Workshops in the event that Emobi Industries is the project selected in the current bankruptcy process that is being carried out and where it has offered the absorption of 50 more employees. Preferential hiring of the rest of the company, with a long-term project that guarantees the continuity of orders at the Ponteareas factory (in Pontevedra, Spain).

Esteyco Atoms Project prototype to be manufactured at Emobi Industries

The prototype, which should begin manufacturing in the third quarter of 2023, will be tested in Gran Canaria in the summer of 2024 and, if it has the expected success, it will signal the global commercial launch and the formalization of orders that are expected to also be manufactured by Emobi.

This contract is a first step for a potential broader collaboration between Inbersa and Esteyco, with the intention that Inbersa becomes a preferred workshop in the manufacture of the metal structures of Esteyco technologies for offshore wind: ELISA for fixed bottom, WHEEL for floating substructures and ATOMS for Operation and Maintenance.

Esteyco is an engineering consultancy with more than 50 years of experience and one of the main agents in the development of offshore wind in Spain since 2010. It has participated in more than twenty offshore projects around the world, also developing its own technologies for fixed and floating bottom: the first, ELISA, demonstrated successfully in 2018; The second, WHEEL, is expected to be installed in 2025 in the Canary Islands by an International Consortium of 11 companies, led by Esteyco, and also supported by the European Commission through its Horizon Europe program.

Inbersa, for its part, is a national benchmark in the design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures, being responsible for projects of such depth and technical difficulty as the current remodeling of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, where it has manufactured and assembled 70% of all its new structure, including its innovative retractable roof, recently inaugurated, the Abanca Riazor stadium, the New Sadar of Osasuna, declared the best stadium in the world in 2022 or projects such as the Isabel Zendal Emergency Hospital, the Caleido tower in Madrid or the new Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao or the Valdebebas interchange, among others.